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This page exists so the the website thebeautyreviewer.com is in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidlines related to Testimonials and Endorsements within Advertising. This section mandates that we disclose the fact that any endoresments from testimonialists used in our promotional materials MAY be affiliated with thebeautyreviewer.com as internet marketing affiliates.

This means there might be a connection with thebeautyreviewer.com in that commissions are paid on sales as a result of referals from said testimonialists. This may give the impression that that testimonial reviews on thebeautyreviewer.com are biased. However, in fact ALL comments, reviews and statements on this site are to the best of our knowledge true and all statements, endorsements and claims made on the site can be verified as true on request by writing to admin (at) thebeautyreviewer.com. This of course goes without saying and we never have any interntion of doing otherwise in the future however our lawyers insisted we add this to our site anyway to mitigate any potential legal issues down the line.

All content on this website are copyrighted by thebeautyreviewer.com. None of the content – whole or in part – can be changed into any other format, copied/plagarised, or made use of (offline or online) with the exception of what is outlined in the website. This appies under all circumstances and no exceptions can be mage without specific permision from thebeautyreviewer.com. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!



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