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Legend has it Cleopatra took her baths in milk which was infused with lavender, honey, etc. and this is how she managed to keep up with aging as gracefully as she did. Times, of course, have changed, and even royalty in these times would think twice before taking on such a regimen on an ongoing basis.

The good thing is science has managed to answer a number of our questions and finding anti-aging products which have been created after extensive testing is not very hard. However, given that there is no dearth of solutions out there (in the form of products and treatments); knowing what suitable options you have to choose from is the obvious place to start [click to continue…]


Free Trial Offers (Updated 2013)

(Updated Jan 2013) – We’ve done some digging and compiled a list of offers that are currently running Trial Skin Care Offers right now. These companies will typically send you a full sized trial product to try. The best part is that it’s actually FREE besides the $3.00-$5.00 shipping costs. You can try it for a limited time (usually around 1 month) and if you like it you pay the full amount – if you don’t you return it. Simple as that. Check out the offers here.

Hot Reviews (Jan 2013)

Luminess Air – Since airbrush makeup has become more popular recently we’ve been featuring more articles on it. Our research on luminess air led to our luminess air reviews post being written. It includes real customer experiences to give the real picture of what to expect. We cover how the device and luminess air makeup works, how to get it at the cheapest price and even get a money back guarantee. 2013 UpdateThere is an anniversary sale trial offer discount now. Instead of $29.99 it is $19.99. See the post for more details.

Nono Hair Removal РThis next generation hair removal device has hit the big time in the last couple of years. The famous Hollywood magazine InStyle named it Product of the Year by popular Hollywood glossy and it promises to be painless, clean and safe. We dig a lot deeper to find the real story from the customers that have tried it. See our detailed review of the Nono here.

Dermatend – It’s not exactly a typical beauty product, but it does help improve people’s appearance so is still somewhat related. Further to this we wanted to add it in because there were a growing number of stories from customers about how Dermatend had been successfully used to remove skin tags, moles and warts. There are a large number of people out there looking for an effective treatment so wrote a thorough review of Dermatend here.

Dinair¬† – We cover another highly popular airbrush makeup system brand called Dinair. It’s one of the top systems in the market and there are very good reasons for that. We explain why in our review of Dinar here.