Idol Lash

Is Idol Lash a Scam or Does it Work?

by Kelly Williams on April 19, 2012

Idol Lash is a special eyelash-enhancing formula that claims to be able to improve the length and density of your eyelashes in a matter of weeks. It has quite a large number of followers nowadays, and many women can attest to its effectiveness (they even have the before and after pictures to prove it, too).

However, there are also those who claim that it is nothing but an elaborate scam perpetrated by its creators to prey on the gullible. They say that the formula is not only worthless in terms of growing eyelashes, but that it does the opposite by making them fall out! This article examines both sides and presents facts so that you can come to a reasonable conclusion at the end and decide whether Idol Lash is the right eyelash-enhancer for you or not.

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How to Make Eyelashes Grow – 5 Simple Ways

by Kelly Williams on April 13, 2012

Long, healthy, and thick eyelashes are things that most women want. Eyelashes are often seen as a sex symbol status, and having flawlessly long ones can really boost a woman’s attractiveness. However, naturally long lashes are often the product of good genes, and if you already don’t have them then it seems like you never will. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case today, as many new methods have been discovered to make your eyelashes grow using the safest ways possible. Here are 5 ways to make eyelashes grow:

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Rapid Lash: An Honest Review of this Eyelash Enhancer

by Kelly Williams on April 4, 2012

Rapid Lash is an eyelash enhancing product out in the market today that claims to improve and increase the length of your lashes. Not only that, it also makes the eyelashes or eyebrows darker, smoother, and more curlier than ever before so that you’ll look like a celebrity in no time. Although it does have its merits, an in-depth review also reveals some of its more common flaws. This article highlights the pros and cons so that you can determine for yourself whether it’s right for you or not.

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How to Apply False Lashes in Five Easy Steps

by Kelly Williams on March 29, 2012

Applying false eyelashes can be a tough chore to figure out if you’ve never done it before. However, it’s actually quite fun and easy to do once you’ve mastered the basics. False eyelashes can give that extra panache to your overall look and allow your eyes a tantalizing vibe that is sure to turn heads at parties, get-togethers, and everyday social events. Long eyelashes are also a part of the female sex symbol that can greatly enhance your beauty and physical attractiveness towards the opposite sex.

So what are we waiting for? Here’s how to apply false lashes in five easy steps:

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The Secret to Long Eyelashes – Techniques Revealed

by Kelly Williams on March 17, 2012

The longer the better, that’s what they say..

There are but a few parts of the body that we can equate with femininity, and long eyelashes are definitely on the list. Just like large breasts, rounded buttocks, and the highly sought-after hourglass figure can make women feel sexier, long eyelashes also need to be developed and accentuated to bring your womanly charms to their maximum potential.

Thankfully, there are now certain ways available on how to get longer eyelashes, and you don’t need to rely on good genes to get celebrity lashes in this day and age. From inexpensive makeup and mascara to the more daring and costly hospital transplant, there are plenty of services, tips, and techniques that you can effectively utilize to get that dream look you’re looking forward to. Here are five.

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