Idol Lash

There have been numerous broadcasts on TV shopping networks, beauty magazines have been raving about it, and some news outlets have been airing it as paid advertisements. However, there have also been some complaints, most notably from women who have been scammed when buying it. For a more detailed look about the ingredients and how it works, go to our unbiased Idol Lash review page. For those of you who have already read it and decided to go ahead and buy Idol Lash, you might want to read this short article before you do. It’s extremely important and could save you from a total letdown.

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Hi there!

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably looking for information about Idol Lash, the popular eyelash enhancing product. There are a lot of Idol Lash reviews out there already, but most of them spout the usual marketing gimmick in order to fool you into buying it before knowing its pros and cons. We all know that any product has advantages and disadvantages so sugarcoating one side while keeping the other secret is not what this article is all about.

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What do the Idol Lash before and after results look like?

by Kelly Williams on December 7, 2011

Hi there, this page is to show the before and after results for multiple Idol Lash before and after photos to give you a better idea on the kind of results you’d likely be seeing.

The mascara product is a brand new product that shall help you to obtain beautiful lashes that are not only longer but thicker and darker as well – all in just a 2-4 weeks after applying it once a day! Read on to see some before and after images… [click to continue…]