Smooth Away

Wax Hair Removal Benefits and Disadvantages

by Kelly Williams on April 10, 2012

Hair waxing is a fairly tried-and-tested method of removing hair. It’s widely available in many beauty salons, dermatological clinics, and even in the form of do-it-yourself home waxing kits. This method has many distinct benefits, but it also has quite a few disadvantages as well. In this article, we explore both sides and present a few alternatives just in case you decide waxing isn’t for you.

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We’re all familiar with shaving, waxing, and sometimes laser treating for hair removal, but have you heard about depilation?

Depilation is a method of hair removal that involves using caustic chemicals to break down the structural bonds that hold the hair together. Usually, this is applied as a cream that you rub on hairy skin areas and, like magic, it literally dissolves the hair away after a few seconds. You can then rub off the excess hair or go take a shower and wash them away into the drain.

However, like all good things, there are advantages as well as disadvantages. Depilatory creams are no exception.

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Hi there!

Smooth Away pads are one of the options out there for women wanting to lose hair. Whether it be armpit hair, leg and arm hair, hair on the upper lip and chin, or hair on the bikini line, the pad removes it with a similar effectiveness to regular razor or waxing cream with the added benefit of being devoid of any harsh chemicals. For a more detailed look at the product, click here to go to our review about the product.

For those of you wanting to get more replacement pads, or are questioning whether it is worth continuing to buy them, we answer both questions so read on.

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How to Use Smooth Away as Instructed

by Kelly Williams on February 29, 2012

Smooth Away is a product that deals with the removal of hair on various parts of your body that you’d rather be left bare, for example: hair on your armpits, upper lip, chin, legs, arms, and the sensitive bikini line. What sets Smooth Away apart from the rest is that it claims to be inexpensive (in the short term), and pain-free. For a more detailed discussion about this product, see our Smooth Away review.

For those of you who already own the product and would like to learn more about how to use Smooth Away effectively, check out the rest of this article for some tips and tricks!

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Smooth Away Hair Remover: The Painless Way to be Hair-Free?

by Kelly Williams on February 8, 2012

There’s got to be an easier way.

We all know that having a soft mustache or a bit of facial stubble can be really sexy! … on men that is.

For the opposite sex, though, any kind of lengthy hair growth outside the top of the head can be seen as a disaster. Most of us women consider armpit hair, leg and arm hair, or upper lip hair quite unappealing and have even tried getting rid of them through the more conventional means of shaving with a razor, plucking with a nipper, and waxing with hot cream. These methods work, but is there an easier alternative?

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