The Big Three: Dinair, Luminess Air, and Temptu Compared

by Kelly Williams on July 25, 2012

Comparison Table

Here are the three makeup kits and a summary of their strengths:

DinairTemptuLuminess Air
Range of makeup choices and accesories
SystemsPersonal Kit: $159.75 (one time payment)

Personal Pro: $199.70 (one time payment)

Deluxe Kit: $259 (one time payment)
6-piece Starter Kit: $229.75 (5-installments)

9-piece Pro Kit: $279.75 (5-installments)

(Only the water-based foundation is included with the kits. Silicone-based foundation sold separately)
Luminess Air Kit - $229.91 (5-installments)
Unique Features• Has the most value in terms of price
• Easy to setup and use
• Compact storage
• Perfect for home setting and daily makeup needs
• Silicon-based makeup formula leaves the best impression overall
• Heavy-duty compressor and airbrush that is excellent for studio, salon, and professional use
• Airbrush device has calibrated gradient to help beginners who are just starting out
• Has the widest range of airbrush makeup options as well as other cosmetic products and accessories
Detailed Review PageDinair ReviewTemptu ReviewLuminess Air Review
Recommended Place To BuyRecommended Place To Buy DinairRecommended Place To Buy TemptuRecommended Place To Buy Luminess Air


Other than the unique benefits that each system brings, all of them quality airbrush systems that will deliver good results. You may want to select the brand based on your individual preference and specific needs, but no matter what you decide on. If we had to choose one, Luminess air edges out to the front because of the features and effectiveness at a lower price than Temptu.

Happy airbrushing!

What has your experience been? We’d like to hear from other real users so feel free to comment below.

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