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by Kelly Williams on January 3, 2013

Not all women look good in low rise pants but everybody is absolutely free to wear it regardless of the height or figure. I am personally fond of wearing hipsters as they are more comfortable compared to restricting high or mid-rise jeans. However, every time I wear them, I have to consider the type of top to match them with. The shirt has to be equally comfortable to wear. Be it trouser, shorts, or skirt, if your bottom wear is sitting below the hips, it has the tendency to expose parts of your body that you don’t intend to display.

For this reason, the infomercial on Trendy Tops grabbed my attention and I decided to look into this product closely to determine whether or not it could reinvent the way we wear low-cut jeans. So here, I’m sharing with you information I’ve gathered from the manufacturer and real women who have already worn the product.

What is Trendy Top?

Trendy top is made for women of all ages who love to sport low-rise jeans or hipsters. It is a uniquely designed tee intended only for your hips to conceal your rear view and belly when wearing low cut trousers, shorts, or skirts. According to the company, it is made from natural cotton blend fabric which makes the tee soft and comfortable to wear. This top is made available in all sizes and comes in colors Midnight Black, Pure White, Soft Beige and Light Grey.

What can Trendy Top do?

The following are apparent advantages of wearing Trendy Top:

  • It prevents your underwear from peeking out of your low-rise bottom wear. If you don’t intend to exhibit your undies to the public, this top offers to cover it for you.
  • The especially designed tee doesn’t give you a muffin top look. Whether you are naturally voluptuous or have loose abdominal wall after pregnancy, wearing a pair of tight hiphuggers would make the flab spill out over the waistband. With this top, you can apparently avoid the waist scrunching effect or muffin top look.
  • It’s supposed to give you the freedom and confidence to move around. You can reach, bend, or sit without restraint knowing your skin is not exposed. You don’t have to keep pulling your shirt down to keep your belly from sticking out all around. Because it’s made with natural cotton blend fabric, it supposedly stretches every way you do and stays in place without making you feel restricted.
  • Trendy top allows you to get creative. Whether or not you get all the available colors, it seems you can get the liberty to mix and match your trendy top with your outer shirts or blouses. If you have all the colors, you can create four different looks with one shirt.
  • The tee supposedly makes you look lean and chic. It’s a layering fashion that’s designed to extend your top without making it look bulky.

How to wear Trendy Top

It looks very easy to wear. You simply slip the top over your hips then pull on your outer shirt.

What real users have to say about the product

To see if it actually works, I looked for feedback from women who have already tried the top.

This one’s happy with the fabric’s quality.

This next comment just contradicts the previous one.

Now here’s a happy customer.

While the experiences are not entirely similar, it appears that Trendy Top has already become a fashion statement for many women.

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