Revitol Scar Cream Reviews: The Truth Is Here

by Kelly Williams on December 18, 2011

Hi there! Given that you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume that you’re looking for Revitol Scar Cream reviews and want to learn more about the cream as well. What you probably want to know, first and foremost, is if it actually manages to get rid of those scars like it claims. We have the answer and also show you real customer reviews collected from different sources on the internet.

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Otherwise read on:

What is Revitol Scar Cream?

If you’ve suffered from scars and have tried products in the past to no avail, it’s reasonable to be a little apprehensive. This cream, however, has actually had a surprisingly large  share of positive reviews, which I believe is a large contributor behind its growing popularity (word of mouth travels fast!). The fact it’s on TV as well has only helped further its cause.

This cream, the makers claim, is effective in reducing scars caused by pimples, burns, injuries, and even surgeries. Bear in mind that the manufacturer doesn’t claim that your scars will magically disappear, but that they will be reduced (i.e. their appearance will become less pronounced).

See my FAQ about Revitol’s cream here for further questions that are commonly asked.

All Natural Ingredients

As opposed to subjecting your skin with a barrage of chemicals, this apparently gives you a completely natural alternative. Apart from the all-natural composition, Revitol Scar Cream ingredients also include skin fortifying vitamins and proteins which the manufacturer states – help reduce the sight of unsightly scars irrespective of how long you’ve had them.

OK, great, but let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and find out what real users of this product have to say.

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I think we all know full well how hard it can be to research skin care and beauty products on the internet due to there being such a glut of marketing about so many product lines, including many over hyped products that dominate the search engine rankings and which simply do not live up to their claims. After reading this page, I get the feeling that this is a viable solution. So I’m glad this site is getting high Google Rankings so as to spread this information to those who want it.


Thanks Kimberly. I appreciate the positive feedback!


Okay, so what is the damage? If this skin cream really does work, I am willing to take the damage it does to my savings as long as it cures the damaged parts of my skin. I have a few blemishes here and there which stem from some pimples which have developed once in a while. I like the 90 day money back guarantee, but I could not see the price listed here nor on the product web site.


Hi Thomas, when you enter your details on the order page and submit, the next page you are presented with is a list of pricing options and packages to choose.


After reading your blog and you points about the make-up or beauty industry on the internet being huge for scammers I decided you were right about going directly to the manufacturer site. I think there are so many scams because women always are trying to look better and if you promise them something like this it will be easy to scam them and get their money. Thanks for the heads up on that.


R u sure this cream really works or is it like other beauty products. I already used so many branded cream for acne and acne scars (skin damage) but none worked… I want healthly and glowy skin. As I read everyone’s comments I feel that this is a cream which can help me but its little bit negativity is also there… Help and let me know if its does not work so what i have to do, is money is refundable or not..

Kelly Williams

Hi Jazz, I haven’t used this cream personally so I can only comment based on what I’ve found others to say about the product. As shown in the user reviews and comments it does seem to work for quite a few people but I think you need to have realistic expectation on what it can do. It definitely isn’t a miracle cream that will make it all disappear but it will almost certainly reduce the appearance of scarring (including acne scars). It takes time though (you need to use it for a month or more), and it really depends on how deep the scarring already is.

As to the question about refunds, there is a 90 day money back guarantee so yes, you can get a refund if you’re not happy with the results. 3 months is long enough to see if it works or not.

yue sun

I just bought revitol scar cream, is this cream called revitol scar removal cream as well?
I just done mole and freckle removal one month ago, can i use this cream to fade away the colour?


I’m in the UK and not in the US like most customers. Is the best place to get it for me still from the supplier directly? Is that still an option for a non US resident?

Kelly Williams

Yes, that’s right. The best place in the UK or other non US countries for that matter is still from the official site for the reasons mentioned in he article. The only other thing to consider is shipping but S&H costs are similar from what we’ve seen.


Well laid out information here. I have been looking for an effective treatment for my scars for a while and am thinking of trying out this revitol cream now.

Michelle Young

I found it to work very well for my face acne which was something that I had since I was 15, I’m 21 now so as I can imagine it got quite embarrassing in job interviews and especially on dates.
It took about 2 weeks for them to fully clear up.

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