The Top Four Scar Treatment Creams

by Kelly Williams on July 10, 2012

Over the years, there have been many scar treatment creams released on the market. Most of them perform average at best and can only hide the scars to a certain extent. A few are made exceedingly well and can reduce scars to a point where they are barely noticeable. Others are cheap knockoffs and scams that don’t deserve mention. So which ones are worth purchasing?

We made the job easier for you by listing the top four scar treatment creams so that you won’t have to go through the unpleasant task of trial and error. However, take note that our list only considers scar creams. All other formulations such as gels and patches which may work equally well or better are left out of the picture. That said, here’s the skinny on the best in the scar treatment business:

 Place #4 – Scar Zone Scar Cream

A scar treatment product which mentions the word “scar” twice too many would probably get a few sarcastic eye rolls and left on the shelf, but that would be a big mistake, at least for Scar Zone Scar Cream. The brand has an entire line-up of cosmetic skin items that aim to treat bruises, bites, acne, and burns, but its flagship creation is the Scar Cream. Like other creams on the list, Scar Zone works on old and new scars. A distinguishing factor of Scar Zone is the inclusion of Green Tea extracts, which contains antioxidants that help heal damaged skin, in its formula. The cream is to be massaged on the scar twice daily, and it even helps flatten and heal raised and inflamed tissue. Scar Zone also offers a complete money back guarantee in case you don’t like their product, so there are absolutely no regrets with this one.

• Works to smoothen and soften raised or inflamed scars
• Discolored scars are returned close to the skin’s natural pigmentation
• Does not stain and can be worn under makeup or clothing
• Helps rejuvenate cracked and dry skin as well as provide some protection to sunburn

Overall Rating: 

Where to Buy It: Click here to buy Scar Zone Cream.

Place #3 – Quantum Derma Scar Reducing Herbal Cream

Quantum Derma Scar Reducing Herbal Cream (quite a mouthful, we know) is another product you need to look out for. The cream, like the others, is all-natural which helps prevent any allergies to the formulation. Quantum Derma’s outstanding quality is in its fast-acting formula and the fact that the cream also works on reducing rough calluses and skin hardening. It also has a positive effect on stretch marks. Although the main focus is scar treatment, which Quantum Derma is quite good at, the other positive side effects the cream provides are not common with other products and give you more reason to pick Quantum Derma. This is especially true if you want to knock out multiple skin problems at once and not just scars.

• Works to moisturize and soften skin
• Reduces rough calluses and stretch marks
• Inexpensive and quick-acting

Overall Rating: 

Where to buy it: Buy Quantum Derma Scar Cream.

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