Tag Away Skin Tag Remover: Treatment Warning

by Kelly Williams on December 10, 2012

Hi there! Just recently I’ve written an article on skin tag removal. I recounted the types of treatment available for eliminating what are usually harmless but annoying pieces of soft, hanging skin that can appear on the most noticeable areas of the body. I pointed out natural remedies as one of the options along with surgery, cauterization, and cryotherapy. While I would personally choose natural treatment, there’s always this nagging thought in my head that there can’t be an all-natural cure for tags. So as soon as I heard about Tag Away skin tag remover, I looked it up on various sites for facts and genuine user reviews. Read on as I share nothing but the truth behind this product.

(Updated for 2013)

What is Tag Away?

Tag Away is a homeopathic topical solution that is formulated to eliminate benign skin growths naturally and painlessly. It comes in a liquid form and is made from all natural plant extracts. Based on their website and infomercial, recommended application is three times daily with a cotton swab. It is then supposed to work within three to eight weeks but in as little as three weeks, results may be expected. The tag is supposedly going to dry and flake away without leaving any scar or blister.

All Natural Ingredients

tag-away-skin-tag-remover-natural-and-non-invasiveThe key ingredients of the product include Thuja Occidentalis, cedar leaf oil, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, and ricinus communis seed oil. Though it’s an all-natural formula, it’s still best to look into the uses and benefits of each ingredient to ensure you’re not allergic to its components and keep the condition of your skin tags from getting worse which at times happen to some people when administering supposedly natural treatments.

  • Thuja Occidentalis – The essential oil and leaves of this plant have been traditionally used by Native Americans for medicating infections and different kinds of illnesses. Pharmaceutical studies also confirm that it is widely used in homeopathy and evidence-based phytotherapy. The essential oil contains properties that are beneficial in treating skin infections and /or diseases. Alternative medicine asserts that it has the ability to remove harmless skin growths.
  • Cedar Leaf Oil – Also used in traditional medicine, this essential oil is a fusion of organic compounds which the US Food and Drug Administration actually considers to be safe in general and is commonly used as an antibacterial and fungicide.

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