Disclaimer and Terms Of Use

I can’t believe you are here and reading this…oh well, I guess the lawyers did in fact come in handy. The below is heavily paraphrased “legal speak” but important for you to read and understand – especially if you are thinking of doing anything unethical/illegal with anything related to this site. Do otherwise and we will get our lawyers (or worse) to get in contact with you.

The short version:

This site is to inform and on rare occasions maybe even enlighten people. So basically don’t try to steal any of our content in any shape or form – this includes but is not limited to distribution, modification, transmission, re-use, re-post, or whatever else people living on the dark side of the force would do. This includes all of our images, text content, audio, video and pretty much everything else on here.

By visiting our side you also need to legally abide by the below terms and/or conditions + laws/regulations relevant to the site, and the web in general. If you have a problem with that then please leave the site.

The rules:

1. Thou shalt assume all content on this website is copyright. As we mentioned you cannot do anything with it unless we grant you permission to do so however don’t waste your time asking (hint).

2. We try our best to make the information on the site accurate and go to great lengths to make sure that is true, however having said that we’re only human so should you find out that is not the case we will not accept liability for any factual errors on the website.

Here is the main thing to remember – if you get a virus or the site somehow causes damage to your computer or device (or even software on said hardware and devices) you use to browse then it’s not our fault and we’re not responsible. We don’t want that to happen but as they say sh*t happens. Just to be clear we absolutely DO NOT want anything like that to happen however in the event it does, don’t blame us.

4. The pictures we have containing people are our property or we have the person’s permission. You cannot claim them as your own property.

5. Like point 4. any trademarks or logos on here are also ours or being used with permission. Again don’t try to reuse them or we’ll sue you.

7. We go out of our way to respect peoples privacy and will never share personal information with the exception of requests from law enforcement or the court.

8. We can change any page on the site whenever we like.


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